Timberwolf Families,

My name is Noel Thomas and it is an honor to introduce myself as the new principal of Tobe Turpen Elementary School and to join this extraordinary school community. Some of you may recognize me from a few years ago when I was the assistant principal at Turpen. I am excited to be back and look forward to the new school year. I was born and raised in Gallup NM. I have had the opportunity to work at a few different elementary schools with different leaders to help me grow. I am happily married to my husband Trevor, we have with 3 kids Lexi in 8th grade, MelaRay in 7th grade and Cole our nine-month-old son. I have three brothers and a big family that I love spending time with. I am blessed with amazing parents that have been supportive of all of my endeavors in life.

I have my bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of New Mexico, and my master’s in Educational Leadership from Western New Mexico University.

I made the decision to go into education to become influential in students’ lives. I want to continue to share my love for learning. I had great educators growing up and I want to be able to share and give back to the community.

My vision as a new principal at Tobe Turpen Elementary is to continue to support my staff so they can offer the best education possible to our 400 students.

To our students, I cannot wait to meet you all! I hope that you are excited for this coming school year and that you are out this summer playing and reading tons of books with your family and friends. It is going to be a fun year learning together. If you are nearby the school at all this summer, please stop by and say hello! In closing, please know that my door is always open to you. I heartily welcome your conversation and positive input throughout this year. Let us always keep our students the primary focus of our work. I look forward to celebrating our collective successes during the 2021-2022 school year. Enjoy the remaining days of summer!


Noel Thomas
Principal, Tobe Turpen Elementary